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About Me!

Hello, I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about me.

I live, with my husband Andrew, in a small rural village to the south of Colchester. This suits me as it means I can have horses, George and Murphy (and now a dog, Treacle!) and plenty of green space, but I am only 50 mins on the train from London.

I started working in HR when I was 20 years old, for a golf and leisure club group that had just brought a local Country Club, since then I have worked in both the private and the public sector including at Essex County Council and The Probation Service.

I completed my professional qualifications (chartered CIPD) back in 2006 and then promptly went travelling for a year with my then boyfriend (now husband). On my return I completed a couple of short contracts, with the NHS and a Car Dealership before joining May Gurney (MG), a construction and infrastructure services company in September 2008.

I qualified in NLP Coaching, and psychometric assessment testing whilst with MG, learnt lots and made lots of lifelong friends. It was really tough when they were brought by Kier in 2013 and almost the whole HR team were made redundant. Following this though, I made the decision I was done with employment and I would contract or consult and since January 2014 that is what I have done!

I have worked with some amazingly diverse clients in this time, big names like Costa, Channel 4, National Gallery and Tesco and smaller interesting clients - medical technology, cafes and gardeners. One thing all employers have in common is employees and the law is the same regardless of the size of the employer, however, I tailor my advice to ensure it suits the culture and capability of the employer.

I continue to be a Board Member for Sudbury Citizens advice and I'm an accredited coach with The Business Growth Coaches Group too. I have recently being appointed to be a Lay Member at Employment Tribunal too so will be training for that early 2020. The great thing about HR and employment law is that its always changing, so I never get bored of it!

I love meeting new people and hearing their stories too, so let me know if you're in the Essex, London or Suffolk area and we can get a coffee?

Photo is of Andrew and I in Time Out Lisbon 2018. I had just been demonstrating (how not ) to hold a performance management discussion re his poor timekeeping.., clearly hysterical...

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