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What a week!

This week has been really busy for me and I have come across a few areas of employment law that I haven't had to deal with for a while, so there's been some learning!

I started the week on Monday at Little Lodge farm near Thetford, this was not work related but the last day of a 3 day holiday with friends. We took our horses too and had a lovely time even if it was a bit chilly at times!

On Tuesday I was with a client all day and updated contracts ready for April 2020; implemented the new Parental Bereavement Leave Policy; advised them on how to support an employee who had had a stoke at work and made some coronavirus contingency plans for the payroll manager who is off to Malaysia on a cruise - just in case!

I also had another client take some advice on how to escalate a performance issue. If there is gross negligence then this can go from being a performance issue to a disciplinary matter. Finally overnight from Australia - could I advise on industry standard pension contributions? I called upon my linked in contacts to help with this and also the fantastic Austin Beckett from Becketts has really helped me out.

Wednesday I had my last day of employment tribunal training so now I am officially ready to sit on the Tribunal Panel. Observing a case it was interesting to note how important following correct process is. I felt vindicated for all the times I have been a bit 'awkward and insisted procedures were carried out correctly even if managers want to take short cuts. I have also made some great connections with other lay members and feel excited about being on the future tribunals. The evening was spent drafting a modern slavery statement for a client too.

Thursday I spent trying to access a client's email system and that's ongoing. Technology is so amazing at letting us work anywhere but my goodness its frustrating when it doesn't work, isn't it!? I also had a client receive a Subject Access request too under the new GDPR rules. This is a first for me. I had done under DDA before though and am hoping it should be quite straightforward. I also had another client concerned about a blossoming relationship in the office. Always awkward... I advised on ensuring a clear consistent policy was implemented particularly around line management etc and sent a suggested policy over.

Today, we inch towards the weekend and I was interviewing in my Trustee role at Citizens advice. I love working with the Citizens advice and am always reminded at how lovely, generous and kind the staff and volunteers are there. Even more so today as the team looked after my dog, Treacle, whilst I interviewed and the disloyal beast whined when we left! This afternoon I have had a query from a client regards checking qualifications and ensuring certificates are valid for new joiners so more fun to come next week I suspect.

Now to relax over the weekend!

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