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March Newsletter

There's been loads going on in the world of HR lately, with big cases making head lines such as Uber and employment status, and headline grabbing 'no jab no job' statements being made.

As ever if there's any people issue you need support with, do feel free to pick up the phone or drop me an email. In the meanwhile here's a little summary of some of the interesting cases I have been helping with and what else I have been getting up to in the past few weeks.

Resigning in the heat of the moment - What to do if an employee resigns in a fit of pique? If a heat of the moment resignation is given you should always allow a reasonable period of time to pass before accepting the resignation. I advise you contact the employee and ask them to reflect, at least over night and re-consider their decision. Direct them to the informal or formal grievance process. If they still wish to resign ask them to provide a written resignation letter.

Failing to allow a cooling off period and immediately accepting the resignation may lead to a tribunal has been dismissed by the employer, rather than resigned.

UBER and employment status - This has been big news in the employment law world and a long awaited case. The differences between employees, workers and self employed people has vexed employers and advisors alike for some time, but this case clarified - that if the employer has control over what the person is doing then they are more likely to be a worker or an employee, regardless of what the written contract says.

If you have sub contractors working for you regularly I strongly advise you review their arrangements to avoid any nasty surprises - like 13 years back pay in holiday accrual for example, down the line.

Employment Tribunal - as you may know I sit as a lay member at employment tribunal. In February I sat on my first virtual hearing. This went surprising well with few technical hitches (which is pretty amazing for me, as tech is not my forte). As always the tribunal is a sharp reminder of the need to follow fair process and the importance keeping notes and records of any employee discussions.

Employee Experience - I have started to work in partnership with Laura Lloyd. Laura is an Employee Experience Adviser, who can helps businesses to enhance their workplace culture (including virtually!). Drawing on her experience from working in the creative industry Laura will help your business make employees feel valued and engaged.

This can be for businesses which don't have their own HR Function or supporting existing HR teams who don't have the capacity to squeeze what some call 'the nice to haves' (& we feel are essential!) into an already demanding workload.

Laura can design and deliver: virtual workplace events, wellbeing initiatives, corporate social responsibility programs, personalised employee perks, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion strategies and training and onboarding processes all in line with your company's brand.

I am also able to offer the below - do let me know if you'd like more info

- Cloud HR Database

- On line training platform

- Employee Engagement surveys

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