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HR for the Non HR Manager

Most small businesses do not need, or cannot afford, a permanent HR resource. This means that often the small business owners; the accounts manager or even the office manager are given the responsibility for all things ‘people’ – from issuing the contracts of employment, working out the annual leave and even trying to figure out what to do if someone is on long term sick.

I am delighted to have been asked to work with Green Shoots Learning to bring you a full day training session which will give you the skills and confidence to deal with day to day People issues and help you to identify when you need to seek specialist help.

I have worked in HR for 20 years, have practical on-site experience and I am a lay member at employment tribunals panel. I have worked with small employees – such as the landscape gardener with 3 employees (ones is his brother; one his nephew!) to corporate giants like Channel 4 and Costa.

I will be providing a practical overview on the fundamentals of employing people from recruitment, issuing contracts, managing holidays, dealing with absence, discipline and grievance matters through to ending the employment relationship. With lots of funny stories to share to bring the cases and examples to life, you’ll leave the course feeling ready and able to manage your people fairly and professionally.

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